404 Lighthouse Road, East Point, PEI

Laughlan MacDonald takes over as keeper of the light in 1897. He serves in the position for 14 years until 1911 when he is succeeded by Angus MacIntyre.

Born 1844 in East Point to Lieutenant Col. (Big) Ronald and Catherine MacDonald, Laughlan grew on the 600 acre MacDonald property better known as Prospect Hill with his 2 brothers and a sister. He married Teresa MacLean in 1876 and had 2 children of his own.

Laughlan taught school for several years and farmed. He served in high positions for a number of organizations such as the Provincial Dairy Association, the Cheese Board of Trade for PEI, and the East Point Farmers Institute. In 1873 Lauchlan served in the Legislative Council. He was then elected to the Legislative Assembly in a by-election on December 16, 1875.  Laughlan was re-elected 1876 and 1879.

Laughlan was invloved in many personal and business activities. Although he was a physically strong man he probably overextended himself. He was not a businessman. He may have run the cheese factory he managed at one time into the ground. He may even have been too frugal (even for a Scottish man) and too strict with his children. However, he did accomplish more in his lifetime than most other men. He was poor in money when he died but not in accomplishments. Teresa, he wife, died on March 19, 19116. He himself died in 1928 at the age of 84.