404 Lighthouse Road, East Point, PEI

East Point Lighthouse

2017 marked the 150th Anniversary of Confederation here in Canada. The East Point Lighthouse also has the distinction of being “Canada’s Confederation Lighthouse” having been the only Lighthouse in Canada that was built in 1867 and still operates today.

Come and visit our iconic landmark which has protected East Point since 1867, have a stroll and a picnic on the grounds, enjoy our new signage, our crisp new flag, improved parking, comfy deck chairs for a rest or quick photo op. Check out our bird watch tower, a terrific vantage point to spot rare and common birds, with East Point enjoying a reputation for as a hot spot for migrating pelagic birds.

East Point Lighthouse Facts

1st Floor

Built 1867 by William MacDonald, the lighthouse is 64 ft. tall and there are 67 steps to the top. It has survived 2 moves. The lighthouse designer is unknown, though it bears a very strong resemblance to the North Cape light tower designed by Hon. Alex Anderson.

2nd Floor

This floor houses artifacts from earlier years at East Point Lighthouse. These artifacts include lamps and lenses of previous eras.

3rd Floor

There are portraits of the keepers from 1867 to 1989, when the lighthouse was decommissioned and the last keeper retired.

4th Floor

This floor shows where weights were raised and lowered through the floor that turned the gears for the lantern at the top. 2-3 gallons of whale oil was used to run the energy for the rotation of the lantern.

5th Floor

The Lantern Room. This floor depicts the fantastic panamoric view from this point – the beautiful beaches, the converging tides, the 3 reefs off East Point and the East Point Wind Farm.

East Point Lighthouse Reviews

This place is a bit off of the beaten track but worth the drive! An interesting lighthouse and giftshop await. Clean public restrooms available too. Great view of Western Cape Breton too. Our top tip though is the ice cream shop!! Amazing homemade ice cream and the best homemade waffle cones I have ever had. 👍👍👍
Chris Cocek

I love that there are a few different things going on at this location! You can take a tour of the lighthouse and learn about its history, shop the gift shop for keepsakes and locally made goods, and now there’s stellar ice cream worth making the trek for.

I would definitely add it to my must-see list for PEI.

Lindsay Ross

Stopped infor some ice cream. Excellent service, ice cream was delicious, and i gotta say, the BEST waffle cones I have ever had!
Jamie MacArthur